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Looking for the best grass for your project? Welcome to the Gallery O’Green!

Giving you all the varieties of sod that we carry and all the information about which is the best choice for your project! After more than 45 years of being in the sod business, we know a thing or two about turfgrass. We are here to answer all of your questions and guide you in the right direction towards the grass that is going to be ideal for your project.

Big or small, Easton Sod Farms, Inc. is the number one choice for homeowners and contractors. Call today for any questions about our turfgrass today! Easton Sod Farms provides many different types of turfgrass Bermuda, Patriot, Astro, Zoysia and many more!

Who We’ve Worked With

We bring you the best sod professionals here at Easton Sod Farms in Oklahoma and Kansas. We provide one of the top quality services and expertise for contractors, homeowners and renovating sport turfs. We have the equipment, knowledge and quality when it comes to sod. Easton Sod Farms is able to provide service on small scale projects to large scale projects. With over 4 decades in the industry, Easton Sod is ready to work with you today! Call now and speak with the sod professionals at one of our locations.

The company was started in 1973 and since that time we have been blessed to work with a variety of different people and professionals.

When it comes to working with the Pros and the average Joes no one has more experience then Easton Sod Farms. Our team is trained in every type of grass that we carry. We walk with you step by step when it comes to choosing what the right type of grass is for your project. When a homeowner or professional is looking for the sod professionals they come to Easton Sod Farms.


Professional Organizations We’ve Worked With Include


  • Kansas City Chiefs

  • Indianapolis Colts

  • Oklahoma State University

  • University of Arkansas

  • New Mexico State University

We take our time with each customer that we have the pleasure of working with. Shade? Sun? Field? Yard? We ask you all the questions and get the details to recommend the correct type of grass for you. The professional team is standing by. We invite you to come out to the farm and look around. Choose from a vast variety of grasses and make sure you walk away with the ideal one. We give you the knowledgeable advice you need to make an educated decision on choosing turfgrass. You can trust over 40 years of professionalism.

Give us a call today! Make sure that when you are choosing sod for your project you are choosing the right one! No one carries more varieties of grass then Easton Sod Farms in our area and no one has more knowledge when it comes to picking out the right turfgrass for your professional field or backyard. Let Easton Sod help you go to that next level of what it means to look and be green. Call us today! Join the team who has worked with the Pros and the average Joes.

Myriad Botanical Gardens in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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