What’s The Right Grass For You?

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Varieties Include: Astro, Buffalograss, Patriot, Tifway, Quickstand, Northbridge Bermuda, Meyers Z52, U-3, Latitude, El Toro Zoysia, Heartland Surpeme Fescue

You want grass that is going to thrive! There are 4 types of turfgrasses that are most common in our area.

Bermuda | Fescue | Zoysia | Buffalograss

Each of these grasses have characteristics some homeowners will like and some dislike.  There are several factors that affect what type grass you should plant and what variety of that type is best for  particular lawn.

Shade | High Traffic | Available Irrigation | Available Maintenance | Appearance and Texture

When selecting a turfgrass for your renovation or new installation project you must first select the turfgrass variety or blend that is most suitable for your site.   How much sunlight or shade the area receives is a very important consideration.  Turfgrasses will not grow under heavy, dense shaded areas due to lack of sunlight.  They will develop a pale color and gradually thin out.

Concerning the warm season turfgrasses available for the Oklahoma climate, Zoysia will tolerate the most shade.  It will provide a dense cover in areas of up to 50% shade.   Cool season grasses that will tolerate hot Oklahoma summers are Fescue and shade tolerant cultivars of Bluegrass and perennial Ryegrass.  Fescue is the most popular in Oklahoma, tolerating up to 70% shade.   Some varieties of Bluegrass will tolerate up to 60-65% shade.   Also remember  that grass grown in the shade should be mowed about 1 inch higher than grass grown in full sunlight allowing more leaf area to receive the limited sunlight.  Please call or visit Easton Sod Farms for more information on the selection of turfgrass most suitable for your project.

Is your yard shady, or are there large areas that are shady?

YES – Tall Fescue is the best option for your yard.  It will tolerate areas up to 70% shade.  If the area you are sodding is covered by heavy, dense shade more than that there is not any turfgrass grown in our area that will survive.  If your area has at least 50% sunlight available Zoysia is an alternative.   Although bermuda is not recommended for shady areas; Latitude36 and Northbridge have demonstrated some moderate shade tolerance.  Buffalograss will not survive in the shade.

NO – All turfgrasses grown at Easton Sod Farms are grown in full sunlight and will do well in your yard.

Will your lawn have lots of traffic due to children or dog activity?

YES – Bermuda is the best option.  Patriot, Latitude 36, Northbridge and Astro tolerate high traffic best and provide fast damage recovery.  Tall Fescue will also do well although overseeding will be required for repair to damaged areas.

NO – Any of the turfgrasses grown by Easton Sod Farms would be suitable.

Do you have a sprinkler system?

YES – Any of the grasses grown by Easton Sod Farms would be suitable.  A good maintenance tip to remember is avoid running  irrigation system at night.  To avoid disease it is best to water during the daytime so that the grass blades will dry and not stay moist for prolonged periods of time.

NO – Any of the turfgrasses would be suitable, however; Tall Fescue will require more water in the hot and dry months than Bermuda or Zoysia.  Buffalograss is the superior turfgrass for drought tolerance.

Do you have extra time available for  and enjoy maintaining your lawn?

YES – Any of the turfgrasses grown by Easton Sod Farms benefit from extra time devoted to fertilizing, watering and mowing programs.   However; if spending time with your lawn is your thing there are varieties of Bermuda that respond more than others with a better appearance.  If you have answered yes here you should consider Latitude 36, Northbridge, Astro and Tifway.

NO – If you have minimal time available for lawn maintenance you should limit your consideration to U-3, Astro or Quickstand Bermuda.  Zoysia and Buffalograss could also be considered.

Mow Height

Grass Fescue Zoysia Patriot Latitude 36 Northbridge Astro Tifway U 3 Quickstand Buffalograss
Mowing Height 2-3 ¾-2 5/8- 2 ½-1.5 ½-1.5 ½-2 3/8-1.5 ¾-2 ¾-2 1-

Do you have a preference for a finer visual appearance and soft texture of your turfgrass?

YES – The number of grass blades or shoots per area of the ground is a measure of turf density.  Bermudagrass  varieties with a high density and finer leaf texture generally produce more attractive lawns. Latitude 36, Northbridge, Patriot and Tifway offer highest  density and softest feel to the barefoot.  Meyers Z-52 Zoysia provides a high density turf cover and relatively soft feel with higher maintenance practices.  Tall Fescue typically has larger blade widths but is soft to walk on.

NO – Since the appearance and texture of your lawn is a result of increased maintenance efforts  U-3, Quickstand, Astro and El Toro Zoysia would be your best bet.  Buffalograss provides a more naturalized look as opposed to a groomed lawn look.

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